Recruiting Events & Strategy

Please note that all recruiting events, expos and career fairs will be online for 2020-2021.

To be successful with recruiting at HGSE, there are a few key guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Focus on quality over quantity.  The vast majority of employers aim to make contact with up to 20 students and anticipated hiring between 1-5 students. 
  • Come on-campus early and often.  Many of the earliest job offers students receive are with employers who recruited online or on campus, often more than once.
  • Establish personal contacts with students.  Students indicate that personal contact is the number one way they found jobs.  Personal contact is also an important way students learn about and become interested in organizations.
  • Take a long term approach.  Consider that even if the total number of hires each year is small, employers that steadily increase the number of HGSE alumni on their staff each year will build deeper connections with the school.
  • Be realistic and targeted.  Understand the career and geographic interests of our students and expand the kinds of roles for which you consider our students.  Adjust your approach to and expectations of recruiting. See our Recruiting Challenges page for more discussion on this.

Use this section to learn how to recruit most effectively here by visiting the Best Practices and Recruiting Challenges pages as well as our FAQ documents in the right sidebar.